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chichi adj : affectedly trendy

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  1. affectedly trendy; chic and stylish
    "Going in gangs to those chichi clubs at Maidenhead." --E. Taylor, Game of Hide-&-Seek
    "Whether the chichi gender theorists like it or not, sexual duality is a law of nature among all highly evolved life forms." --Camille Paglia
    "The sort of real delicious Italian country cooking that is a revelation after so much chichi Italian food dished up in London."--Daily Telegraph, January 22, 1969
    "[Judith] Hope -- who lives in East Hampton, where the Clintons have a lot of chichi friends -- has been getting ink by the barrelful with her regular interviews quoting conversations with the first lady, on subjects ranging from Senate ambitions to summer and post-White House living arrangements." --Washington Post, June 4, 1999

Classical Nahuatl


  • /tʃitʃi/


chichi (plural chichimeh)
  1. Dog.


Derived terms


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  1. one's own father

Extensive Definition

Z Fighters


(English TV: Chiaotzu)
is, seemingly, a small doll-like human with plain white skin, red cheeks, and a small mouth. Under his hat is one black hair. While not outstanding in physical prowess compared to other superhuman warriors in Dragon Ball, Chaozu has considerable potency in psionics, especially in psychokinesis. When first introduced, Chaozu is a student of the Crane Hermit and the constant companion of fellow student Tenshinhan; he quickly amends his ways though and joins Goku and his friends. During the Piccolo Daimao arc he joins Muten Roshi and Tenshinhan on a quest to retrieve the Dragon Balls. He is killed by Piccolo Daimao after attempting to prevent him from using them, he was later revived by the Dragon Balls. He continues to support them throughout the series in acts such as searching for the Dragon Balls, training to fight threats, and supporting others during fights. His main role is in Dragon Ball, though he plays a part in the fight against Vegeta during the Saiyan Saga. After being defeated by Nappa he trains on the North Kaio's planet. With his new skills he is powerful enough to beat Ghurd. He is shown to be training in the Artificial Human Saga before the battle with Artificial Human #20 and #19, although when the Z-Fighters met before the battle, Tenshinhan explained that he left Chaozu at Muten Roshi's island because he thought Chaozu wouldn't have been able to handle the Artificial Humans. During the Cell Saga, the Majin Boo Saga, and Dragon Ball GT, he is only shown a few times while he trains with Tenshinhan. While he has no signature moves of his own, save the anime only Drill Attack he uses on Kuririn in Dragon Ball, he has the ability to imitate any move he sees. A good example of this is during the fight with Nappa, after he sees the Saibaimen self destruct, he does the same, although it wasn't powerful enough to kill the Saiyan. Chaozu's name is a pun for dumpling.
In the alternate time line, Chaozu does fight the Artificial Humans. Although it is not shown in the movie, while Trunks is explaining his horrible future he claims that, along with Vegeta, Yamucha and his good friend Tenshinhan, Chaozu battled the Artificial Humans and died like all of his fellow Z-Fighters.
He is voiced in the original Japanese version by Hiroko Emori. He was voiced by Cathy Weseluck in the Ocean dub and by Monika Antonelli in the Funimation version.


(English TV: Chi-Chi, Chi Chi, Chi-chi, Latin-American TV: Milk)
, known as Chi-Chi in the Viz manga, is the wife of Son Goku, and the mother of Son Gohan and Goten. She is often depicted as a sometimes nagging, but fundamentally well-meaning, woman who sincerely looks for her children and husband's well-being even when their views clash. She and Goku first meet as children, and Goku promises to marry her, thinking marriage is a kind of food. Several years later, she finds him at the 23rd Tenka'ichi Budôkai, and despite confessing that he misunderstood what she had meant, Goku fulfills his promise and asks her to marry him. As she stays young, she disapproves of Goku's lifestyle, enough to wrongfully ban Gohan from following in his foot steps, but due to the threats like Freeza and Cell, she is forced to let him train under the blatant conditions. As the years pass, she relaxes this with Goten by training him herself while Gohan is away at high school. In the Fusion Saga, Boo kills Chichi by turning her into an egg. Despite "settling down" with Goku, Chichi is an accomplished martial artist and one of the strongest women in the world, having made it to the quarter-finals of the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai and years later trained Goten in martial arts.
She is playable in Super Dragonball Z and playable as a child in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3.
Chichi will be played by Jamie Chung in the upcoming Dragon Ball live-action film.


(Harmony Gold: Bongo, English TV: Krillin, Viz: Kuririn)

Muten Roshi

(English TV: Master Roshi)


(English dub: Uub)
is a child that was introduced in the World Tournament after Goku defeats Majin Boo. When Boo was destroyed, Goku wished that he could be reincarnated as a good person so that he could battle with him once again. Oob is the result of this wish, hence his name. Goku decides to train Oob at the end of Z and GT begins with the completion of Oob's training. Oob grew up a young warrior / farmer boy. Oob got his particular powers because he was created from Boo. Oob later remerges with Majin Boo. This transformation doesn't affect his appearance much, but increases his power to the point of almost matching Baby in power. The other characters now refer to this form as Majuub. He later fights Super #17 and then Yi Xing Long.
His seiyu is Megumi Urawa and Sean Teague does his Funimation voice.


(Harmony Gold: Shinto, English TV: Tien, Tien Shinhan)


is a human who first appeared in the King Piccolo Saga of Dragon Ball. He is an overweight samurai who used to live in the wilderness, but moved to Karin Tower. Son Goku met him and the two fought a battle over a fish that was supposed to be Yajirobe's breakfast that Goku ate when he was away. Goku soon notices that Yajirobe possesses the 1-Star Dragon Ball and quickly decides to become friends with him, just in time for an attack by King Piccolo's minion, Cymbal. Yajirobe uses his samurai skills to defeat the monster, and then joins Goku's cause to defeat the demon king. Yajirobe transports Goku to Karin Tower, where he helps Goku defeat the Darkness and drink the Divine Water. After doing more work in the shadows, Yajirobe decides to settle at Karin Tower, where he trains for three years with Yamucha, Tenshinhan, Kuririn, and Chaozu under Karin.
Three years later, Yajirobe competes in the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai, disguised as a masked Mexican wrestler. He easily defeats his opponents in the preliminaries, and seems to carry out to the quarterfinals before he is defeated by the Woody Allen-esque 'Shen' (really Earth's Guardian Kami) in disguise. Yajirobe watches the tournament from the sidelines from then on. In Dragon Ball Z, Yajirobe returns to spread the news of the Saiyans, and trains with his former teammates under Kami to defeat Vegeta and Nappa, although Yajirobe mainly eats food and doesn't accomplish real work. While the battle begins, Yajirobe gets media coverage, claiming himself to be the leader of Goku and his friends (Note: this never happened in the manga). After the situation gets worse, Yajirobe arrives on the scene to help Goku take on a transformed-into-an-Oozaru Vegeta. Yajirobe shows his support by secretly cutting off the Great Ape's tail, returning him to normal.
Yajirobe hides behind a rock till Vegeta is weak then comes up behind him and slices him with his sword in the back the cowers back again when Vegeta hits him, and ends up going to the hospital. In the Namek Saga, Yajirobe arrives at the hospital where Goku was resting at to deliver him Senzu Beans, which enable Goku to go to Planet Namek. Yajirobe is also brought into Chichi's "Gohan Rescue Operation Team" later in the Freeza saga and waits in suspense for news on the victor during the battle between Goku and Freeza. In the Artificial Human Saga, Yajirobe's fighter role comes to an end, and his comic relief role begins. Yajirobe delivers Senzu Beans to the Z Fighters right before the battle against the Artificial Humans, and later gets in a comical situation with Gohan, Bulma, and infant Trunks. Yajirobe returns to Karin Tower where he awaits news of the victor of the Cell Games. In the Majin Boo Saga, Yajirobe is a very minor character, appearing a few times with Karin, and also lending his energy to Goku's Genki-Dama. In Dragon Ball GT, Yajirobe is shown being transported to the Tsufurian planet in a quick cameo.
In the Future Trunks timeline, Yajirobe surprisingly doesn't go into hiding with Muten Roshi, Oolong and the others but instead battles the ruthless Artificial Humans and is killed with his teammates (this wasn't shown in the Trunks special but instead in a flashback from the Perfect Cell Saga). Yajirobe, although not liking to get his hands dirty, is indeed a skilled fighter, which is acknowledged by Goku in the Piccolo Daimao Saga and proved during the fights against Cymbal, Shen, and Vegeta. Yajirobe's main attacks involve using his fists and his katana, but he is able to use some chi, later in the series. Yajirobe's finishing move is quickly slicing his opponent in two. Yajirobe's look and costume also changes throughout the series. When he is first introduced, Yajirobe is shown to wear a yellow-brownish samurai costume, with a lot of long hair. In the Piccolo Junior Saga, Yajirobe seems to look like he has aged, and in the preliminaries he wears a wrestler uniform. In late Dragon Ball Z, Yajirobe's hair grows longer and he wears a cape around his samurai uniform, and in Dragon Ball GT he gains a mustache.
Yajirobe's personality is often considered to be rude, unmannered, timid, lazy, and cowardly. Yajirobe is often known for being severely overweight, and in Budokai Tenkaichi 3 he is described as a "glut". In the Funimation dub, Mike McFarland voices Yajirobe while in the Ocean version he is voiced by Brian Drummond. Yajirobe is playable in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 and 3. He is voiced in the original Japanese version by Mayumi Tanaka, who also voices Kuririn (this was more than likely done because the original manga has Goku saying that Yajirobe's voice sounds like Kuririn's).


(English TV, Viz: Yamcha)

Mr. Satan

(English TV, Viz: Hercule)
is a fictional character who first appears in the Dragon Ball manga created by Akira Toriyama, followed by an anime series, including Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. Even though he has never directly saved the world he is highly responsible for defeating Kid Boo as he convinced everyone on Earth to give power to Goku's Genki Dama, along with his direct role in defeating Boo. A common point of humor after his first appearance in the Cell Saga is his extremely inflated ego, arrogance and craving for the spotlight which the Z Fighters find annoying at best. Interestingly enough, he never lost any World Tournament that he attended in the series. He has a daughter named Videl who dates / marries Son Gohan. A reference to this is made in the video games Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 and Budokai Tenkaichi 3. If the player matches Adult Son Gohan and Mr. Satan the opening dialogue starts with Mr. Satan saying "If you want to go out with my daughter, you'll have to go through me!" Gohan replies, "Wait, it's not like that!" The fight then begins. In Dragon Ball GT, Hercule takes a full kick to the stomach by Yi Xing Long which makes him squirt out blood but somehow he survives without any injuries.
His name in the original Japanese version media is Mister Satan. It was changed to Hercule in the TV version of Funimation's English dub and Viz Media English version of the manga, however he retains his name "Mister Satan" in the uncut English dub on the DVDs. In the U.S. edition of Shonen Jump it is explained that Hercule is the real name of the character while Mr. Satan was his stage name though no such explanation was present in the original. This change is due to Judeo-Christian references being removed for the sensitivities of Western audiences when anime is edited for American television.
He is voiced by Daisuke Gouri in the original Japanese version, Chris Rager in the FUNimation version and by Don Brown in the English version from the UK and Canada.
In the Philippine dub, he is called Master Pogi (Taglish for "Master Handsome").



The for every Tenka-ichi Budôkai from the beginning of Dragon Ball to the end of Dragon Ball GT. Over the years he has become an acquaintance with the Z Fighters and knows that they are responsible for saving the Earth from Cell, not Mr. Satan. In every tournament, aside from the 21st, an unfortunate event occurs that enhances his role, such as in the King Piccolo Saga; he witnessed Kuririn slain by Tambourine and later he witnesses Son Goku's fight with Piccolo from the sidelines with the others, making him one of the few civilians to know the truth. At the end of Dragon Ball Z, his age starts to show as he has lost hair and has very noticeable wrinkles. In the final episode of Dragon Ball GT (110 years after the end of DBZ), his descendant is shown to look just like him, albeit with white hair and different attire. Although he knows Mr. Satan is not the hero the public believes him to be, he praises him in order to make fans cheer.
He is voiced in the original Japanese version by Kenji Utsumi and Eric Vale in the English version. In the Ocean dub, he is voiced by Michael Dobson.

Artificial Human #8

(English TV: Android #8, Viz: Mechanical Man #8)
is the first artificial human seen in the series, and the eighth in the series of artificial humans built by Dr. Gero. Though it is not revealed if he was, in actuality, an android or cyborg, the Dragon Ball series creator Akira Toriyama obviously had the character resemble The Monster in the famous novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. He was nicknamed "Eighter" ("Ha-chan" in the Japanese audio) by Son Goku. He then took it on as his real name. He was first seen when Sergeant Purple tried to use him to fight Goku as a last resort inside Muscle Tower. He helped take down General White and drive the Red Ribbon Army away from Jingle Village.
He later appears in the Piccolo Daimao Saga, saving Snow from Piccolo Daimao. He makes small cameos during the Majin Boo Saga and Dragon Ball GT. He is last seen in GT when Goku teleports everyone on Earth to the new Tsufurian planet.
He also made his first appearance as a playable character in the game Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3. #8 is voiced by Mike McFarland in the English version. His seiyu is Shozo Iizuka.

Artificial Human #16

(English TV: Android #16)
is a large Android with red hair and a green armor. Unlike the other Androids, #16 is gentle by nature, which deemed him a failure in Dr. Gero's eyes. #16 has a strong connection with nature and is almost always seen having birds, squirrels, or other small animals crawl upon him. #16 is also completely mechanical and was not a human prior to his construction. His only objective was to assassinate Son Goku. He was awakened by the cyborgs #17 and #18, much to Gero's dismay. While he was much stronger than the two, he took orders only when relating to hunting down Goku. He helped #18 escape from Cell after failing to stop him from absorbing #17, and became badly damaged during his fight with Cell. Kuririn brought #16 to Capsule Corp. for repairs after #18 was absorbed. Bulma and her father Dr. Briefs repaired #16 and removed his self-destruct bomb (without telling him) in fear of it exploding. #16 came to the Cell games but didn't fight just yet, personally vowing to stop Cell. After trying to self-destruct while holding Cell and realizing his bomb was removed, his body was destroyed by Perfect Cell. However, his head remained intact, and requested that Mr. Satan throw him over to the fight, to give Gohan words of encouragement. Cell completely destroys #16 after he gets his word. By his noble sacrifice, he was able to help push Gohan over the edge to Super Saiyan 2.
He is voiced in the original Japanese version by Hikaru Midorikawa. In the Ocean dub he is voiced by Scott McNeil and in the Funimation dub by Jeremy Inman.

Artificial Human #17

(English dub: Android 17, Viz: #17)
is a fictional character who first appears in the Dragon Ball manga created by Akira Toriyama, as well as Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. He is also featured in many of the franchise's video game titles, his Super 17 form from GT recently becoming playable through the Tenkaichi series.
His seiyū is Shigeru Nakahara. In the dub by Funimation, he is voiced by Chuck Huber. In the Ocean dub, Ted Cole supplies his voice.
Originally a human, he is constructed into a cyborg by Dr. Gero like his twin sister. No. 17 is a mass murderer in Future Trunks' timeline, and in his first appearance in the regular timeline this seems to be corroborated when he kicks off Dr. Gero's head and steps on it, killing the man who remodeled him and his twin sister (against their will), as well as himself, into cyborgs. However, starting with leaving the Z Fighters alive after beating them down at a mountain roadway, it starts to become clear that he and his twin sister, stated by Future Trunks to be much stronger than their alternate future selves who ravaged his timeline, do not get cheap thrills from killing and that he is no more than a rebel without a cause. After being absorbed by Cell and killed by proxy when Cell is destroyed by Gohan, he gets wished back to life, virtually disappears on-screen, and eventually becomes a good and peaceful wanderer living in the mountains. During the Majin Boo Saga, he gives some of his energy to Goku for the Genki-Dama, even coercing two other humans to do it by scaring them with his rifle, though he doesn't hurt them.
In Dragon Ball GT, he gets brainwashed by Dr. Gero and the machine mutant scientist Dr. Myu using a clone of #17 created from Hell. After creating a rip in the dimension barrier between Earth and Hell, letting all the previous villains out, and eventually killing Kuririn when # 18 refused to join him, he merges with his mutant Hell Fighter counterpart to become Super #17. As Super #17, he makes mincemeat out of the Z Fighters while toying with them, during which he kills Dr. Gero again when Dr. Myu reveals that he reprogrammed #17 to only obey him. Goku, who was trapped in Hell, escapes and fights #17, though he makes the mistake of constantly using ki, which Super #17 can absorb now. As he is about to kill Goku, #18 appears and calls him a weakling and a coward for being controlled by some doctor, which strikes a chord within #17, causing the real one to take some sense of control over the Super form. With this, he kills Dr. Myu, then shows the weakness of his absorption technique - he has to stay in a position where he is completely vulnerable to attack. Goku takes advantage of this and punches a hole through his chest, leading to his demise.
In the final wish at the end of GT to revive everyone that was killed since the rift in Hell had opened, for which Goku gives himself up to Shen Long, it is presumed that #17 may have been revived again, though he was not seen again on-screen to confirm this.

Artificial Human #18

(English dub: Android 18, Viz: #18)
is not a mass murderer in the present timeline like the one in Future Trunks' homeworld. A cybernetic human, #18 was modified by Dr. Gero. She is often referred to in the original Japanese as a jinzō-ningen, which literally translates as "artificial human". She is not entirely an android; she refers to both herself and her twin brother as having been "constructed from a human base".
After Cell is defeated, Kuririn uses the Dragon Balls to wish for #17 and #18 to be turned into humans; Shen Long is unable to perform this task because of the unfathomable differences in power between him and the duo, so he wishes instead for their self destruct devices to be removed. Kuririn pursues #18 and, at some point, they marry and have a daughter named Marron.
To clear up the heavily espoused misconception that #18 is a pure android and therefore could not have a child, Kuririn went on to explain to Son Goku during the World Tournament Saga that she was originally human but that Dr. Gero just "remodeled her a little bit."
Her seiyū is Miki Itō. In the Funimation dub, she is voiced by Meredith McCoy, and Enuka Okuma in the dub by the Ocean Group.


is a powerful superhuman native who lives at the base of Karin Tower with his son Upa. He is muscular, tall, and a man of few words. Shortly after befriending Son Goku, he fends off Captain Yellow's men by himself, but he is later speared by Tao Pai Pai, a merciless assassin. Goku avenges him by taking training from Karin and defeating Tao Pai Pai himself. When Shen Long is summoned again, Goku's wish is that Bora be brought back to life. In his next appearance, he assists Goku once more by throwing Yajirobe (with an injured Goku on his back) up Karin Tower. Bora is seen again with his son in a filler episode of Dragon Ball Z when the Z Fighters arrive to Kami's Lookout for training against Nappa and Vegeta. He is shown again in the Kid Boo Saga when he and Upa give energy to Goku for his Genki Dama. He also briefly appears in the Dragon Ball GT episode #40, "Piccolo's Decision".
He is voiced in the original Japanese version by Banjō Ginga. In the dub, his voice is done by Dameon Clarke.



Caroni is one of Hercule's top two students. He is normal height with long blonde hair and has a ladies-man attitude. With similar traits and a voice, he is highly modeled after Zarbon. His only attack we see is his "Beautiful Flying Rose Attack" in which he uses against Cell where he scatters roses on the ground before he attacks in the air. Caroni is very weak compared to the Z Warriors and is just another strong human being. He fights Cell first in the Cell Games only to be easily thrown from the ring from Cell's energy. Hercule states Caroni was like the son he never had and that he would never live up to his father. We don't know who his father is and thinking it to be Hercule is off-line considering their major differences in looks. He does not make another appearance until a cameo in the Majin Boo Saga alongside his partner, Piroshiki.
He was voiced by Ron Halder in the Ocean dub. He does not appear in the manga.


(English Name: Piroshki)
Piroshiki (ピロシキ) is one of Hercule's top two students. He and Caroni are known as one of greatest tag teams in their pro leagues. Little does the Earth's inhabitants know how much their power pales in comparison to the Z Warriors. Piroshiki is very muscular and takes on a fat appearance. This is not just assumed by his size but also by the fact he eats his armor prior to losing to Cell in the Cell Games. In his defeat to the perfect Android, Piroshiki runs at Cell and hits an invisible wall which is Cell's energy. Cell uses no effort to throw him away. Piroshiki is last seen making a cameo appearance in the Majin Boo Saga.
He was voiced by Dave Ward in the Ocean dub and by Kyle Hebert in the Funimation version. He does not appear in the manga.

Dr. Brief

, the father of Bulma, is an elderly, brilliant and eccentric scientist. He is one of the smartest men in the world. Dr. Brief is the founder of Capsule Corporation and the man responsible for the invention of Dynocaps or Hoi-Poi Capsules, which can shrink inanimate objects down to pocket sized capsule of namesake. He is easy-going and friendly. Dr. Brief rarely leaves his home, even if he knows he had a death wish such as in the Majin Boo Saga, he and his wife refuse to leave their pets even after Capsule Corp. has been specifically targeted for destruction; they know they can always be wished back and he can often be found tinkering on a number of complicated gadgets while surrounded by his beloved pets. His favorite pet is a small black cat that sits on his shoulder named "Tama" in the original anime, but re-named "Scratch" in the FUNimation dub.
He made Goku a spaceship for his travel to the planet Namek, modeled from the spaceships of Kami and the one Goku came to Earth in as a baby. He and Bulma restored Artificial Human #16 who was badly damaged by Semi-Perfect Cell, showing off their technical know-how; he also heavily modifies and improves Goku's spaceship, and creates a gravity room for Vegeta to train in. Usually Dr. Briefs is seen with cigarette in his mouth (which has been edited out in the early dub). In Dragon Ball GT, Trunks reluctantly takes his place as the President of Capsule Corp.; it is unknown if he had retired or died.
He is voiced in the original Japanese version by Jōji Yanami and in the Funimation dub by Chris Forbis. In the Ocean dub, Mark Hildreth did his voice.

Grandpa Son Gohan

(English TV: Grandpa Gohan)
Grandpa has a couple roles in Dragon Ball, and appears in a few specific flashbacks in Dragon Ball Z, and is seen briefly in the culminating Dragon Ball GT finale flashback. "Grandpa" is not part of his given name, but he is often credited as , especially in the ending credits for Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. He is the adoptive parent and grandfather of Son Goku when he found him near the landing site of his space ship when he was an infant. Gohan was taught martial arts by Muten Roshi and passed on some of his knowledge to Goku. It is later revealed that Gohan can also utilize the Kamehameha. He once warned Goku to never look at a full moon and told him that he needs to train harder and make his tail work for him instead of against him. He was the fifth fighter in Fortuneteller Baba's tournament using a one-day pass from the afterlife. He participated in order to gauge Goku's growth. He also appears in the filler mini-saga "The Wedding arc" where he is an assistant to Annin and Goku must use the Magical Furnace to put out the fire on Gyumao's castle. Gohan then only appears in brief flashbacks for the rest of the series. Though it is never specifically said, it is strongly hinted that Goku in his Oozaru form killed Gohan by crushing him under his foot. In memory of his grandfather, Goku named his first child after him.
He is voiced in the original Japanese version by Osamu Saka. He will be portrayed by Randall Duk Kim in the 2009 live action film Dragonball. In the English dub of the series, he is voiced by Christopher R. Sabat.


(English dubs: Launch, Harmony Gold dub: Marilynn)
is Muten Roshi's house maid retrieved by Son Goku and Kuririn in order to receive martial arts training from him. She has a dissociative identity disorder; whenever she gets her sensitive nose tickled to the point of sneezing, she switches between a sweet, innocent girl with indigo hair to a blonde bombshell who commits crimes for fun and is quick to respond with gunfire when angered. Neither of Lunch’s personalities remembers what the other says or does, and it is never said if the evil side knows of the innocent self (though she hates to sneeze, since she reverts personality again); however, the innocent Lunch is aware of her evil side, although she doesn't really seem very concerned over her presence. Later her evil side is shown less evil and simply bearing a short temper.
In filler episodes of Dragon Ball Z, she tries to build a relationship with Tenshinhan, but his constant training makes it fail. When Tenshinhan dies in the battle with Nappa, she becomes drunk in a bar and also becomes very depressed. After appearing in a haunting vision that Goku has during the battle with Freeza, she doesn't appear again until later. She appears on a billboard in her impure form in the Cell Games Saga. She reappears as her innocent self in the anime only to give her energy to Son Goku for his Genki Dama. Lunch is also seen at the party at Capsule Corp. near the end of the Kid Boo Arc. She does not make any appearances in GT except in a flashback from the original Dragon Ball series that Goku has in the final episode.
She is voiced in the original Japanese version by Mami Koyama, and in the dub the pure form's voice is done by Monika Antonelli and the impure form is voiced by Meredith McCoy.


is an anime-only character who first appears in the Garlic Jr. Saga as Kuririn's girlfriend. She is very ditsy (always calling Kuririn "Kurin"), uncommitted, and out-spoken, referring to Chi-Chi and Bulma as old ladies which frustrated and angered them. As Kuririn is about to propose to her on a beach, she leaves with a guy in a red sports car. During the Artificial Human Saga, she shows up at the Kame House looking for Kuririn saying that he was the only guy she ever loved. After a while she gets bored and takes off with a bunch of boyfriends never to be seen again (though she makes a very brief cameo appearance giving her energy to the Super Genki-Dama). She shares her name with Kuririn's daughter, who was introduced later in the manga (The only difference being that she only has one "r" in her name unlike Kuririn's daughter who has two r's). The manga writer, Akira Toriyama, stated, however, he did not name Kuririn's daughter after his old flame. Since Maron, like Kuririn, means "chestnut," it is likely that this is a case of the same pun being used by both Toriyama and the anime filler writers.
She is voiced in the original Japanese version by Yuko Kobayashi. For the original Funimation dub, she was voiced by Tiffany Vollmer. Later on, in the recent re-release for the remastered season 4 box set, she was voiced by Leah Clark. Willow Johnson did her voice for the Ocean dub.


is the daughter of Kuririn and Artificial Human 18, and the niece of No. 17. She was born before the Majin Boo Saga in Dragon Ball Z. As a little girl, she resembles her father. She has his eyes and nose, or lack there of. However, she does indeed have a nose, though small, and as she grows older, Marron begins to look more like her mother.
She is voiced in the original Japanese version by Tomiko Suzuki. In the Funimation dub, she's voiced by Laura Bailey and in the Ocean dub, she is voiced by Cathy Weseluck.

Mrs. Brief

Mrs. Brief is a minor character who is introduced as the support character Bulma Briefs' mother. She is the wife of Dr. Brief, who is Bulma's father, and owner of Capsule Corporation. Mrs. Brief's character is generally minor in the manga, but makes more frequent appearances in anime, especially in filler episodes. In the anime, her more frequent appearance is mostly centered around the major character Vegeta, who later marries Bulma, becoming Mrs. Brief's later son-in-law. Despite Vegeta's evil tendencies, in filler episodes, Mrs. Brief seems neutral on her views about him, often treating him politely and as a regular house guest. Mrs. Brief is one of the few women in Toriyama's manga who is not pushy or eccentric, rather she is characterized as genuinely pleasant and simple-minded. In the game Dragon Ball Z: Legacy Of Goku 2, it is mentioned that Mrs. Brief is renowned for her extraordinary cooking abilities.
Toriyama once stated in an interview in the Daizenshuu that if he could name Mrs. Brief, he'd name her "Panchy".
She is voiced in the original Japanese version by Mariko Mukai (DB and DBZ Saiyan Saga) and Yoko Kawanami (DBZ and on). Her voice was supplied by Jane Perry in the Ocean dub, and in the Funimation re-dub by Cynthia Cranz.


(Harmony Gold: Mao Mao)
is a shapeshifting anthropomorphic talking animal pig, standing about three feet tall with pale pink skin, who tends to dress in trousers, button-down shirts, and suspenders. He was expelled from shapeshifting training for stealing the teacher's underwear and lacks the ability to change his form for more than five minutes at a time without a break. With his shapeshifting ability, Oolong can look like anything at all. Oolong's initial appearance was as a villain who terrorized a village and kidnapped their young women. Son Goku defeated Oolong and the girls were returned to their village. Bulma decided that his shapeshifting ability might be useful on her Dragon Ball quest and persuaded him to join their expedition. On one occasion, Oolong drugged Goku and Bulma's drinks with sleeping pills so he could peek at Bulma naked and steal the dragon balls, but was almost found out by Pu-erh, who was secretly disguised as Goku. Eventually he becomes good friends with Goku and the others, and helps them to find more Dragon Balls. He plays a large role in the beginning of Dragon Ball, but by the end of Dragon Ball Z, he just shows up from time to time. His poor shapeshifting skills (and incompetent cowardice) made him a very weak character that didn't have much to do once the tone shifted to more serious action. In the anime and in several animated movies, he appears quite often as comic relief. Oolong is taken from the pig character Zhu Bajie from the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West. His name is a play on oolong tea. Oolong is a playable character in Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure only as a shape-shifted bat and missile combo form, and he has a cameo role in the game Dragon Ball Z: Legacy Of Goku 2, where he can be spoken to. Although he is a pervert, he saved the world when he changed Emperor Pilaf's wish from "rule the world" to "rule the world's panties off a hot babe", which he then wears on his head proudly.
He is voiced in the original Japanese version by Naoki Tatsuta. His Ocean Group actor was Doug Parker, and voiced by Mark Britten in the Funimation dub. However, after Britten left the series, Bradford Jackson stepped in the role of Oolong. In the canceled Ocean dub of Dragon Ball, he was voiced by Alec Willows.


(English TV: Ox-King, Ox King)
is based on Niúmówáng a character from the Chinese novel Journey to the West. Despite his threatening name, he is really quite harmless and fun-g; given that gyū is the crest on his helmet. He is the father of Chi-Chi, and grandfather to Goten and Gohan. As a boy, he trained with Master Roshi. He has a few larger roles in the anime, mainly involving comforting his daughter in times of trouble as well as preventing her from going into battle in the Dragon Ball Z Anime. In GT, this role is now replaced by Videl, however, he does appear in two episodes but does not have any speaking lines in either one.
He is voiced in the original Japanese version by Daisuke Gōri. Dave Ward was his Ocean Group actor. In the Funimation dub he was voiced by Mark Britten. Later on, his voice was supplied by Kyle Herbert.


(English dub: Nam)
Namu (ナム) makes his first appearance in the 21st Tenkaichi Budōkai Saga, fighting Ran Fuan. He has problems fighting her, because of her feminine wiles so he envisons her as a man. He is a Buddhist monk and Ran Fuan strips to her underwear, but he overcomes by closing his eyes and using his other senses to defeats her. His next fight is against Son Goku, and while it is an intense fight with him using his Aerial Attack, he loses in the end. He competed because he needed the money to buy lots of water; where he was from, there was a terrible drought, and he had been sent to find a solution. Being defeated, however, he is unable to get the money to buy water and decides to leave. Muten Roshi reads his mind and gets acquainted with his intentions. He then gives him a capsule so that he can store water from a well, and in return, asks Namu to impersonate Muten Roshi in the crowd, as to protect Roshi's secret identity from his students, who were suspicious of Chun being Muten Roshi. In a filler episode shortly after the Tournament, Namu returns to the desert to find the source of the drought that has been plaguing his people. He was rescued by Goku after he was grabbed by a pteradactyl. They found out that Giran and other members of his race were blocking the dome with rocks. Goku used the Kamehameha wave to destroy the rocks and the drought ended. In the 22nd Tenkaichi Budôkai, Namu also makes an appearance in one of its filler episodes, claiming to Goku and Roshi that this time he came to enjoy it, but he ends up losing to Tenshinhan on the preliminary rounds, as he was left unconscious and nearly killed as Tenshinhan wanted to leave a message to Goku and his friends. Later, he is killed by Piccolo Daimao's minion, Tambourine. He is then revived by Shen Long. He is seen later in the DBZ series contributing to Goku's Genki-Dama. There are some rumors indicating that he might be related to Oob, but there is no confirmation. He also makes a brief appearance in Dragon Ball GT at the end of the Baby Saga when Goku was trying to round up the remaining survivors on almost-exploding earth. His name comes from the Nenbutsu: "Namu Amida Butsu".
He is voiced in the original Japanese version by the late Kaneto Shiozawa and in the English dub by Jerry Jewel. He appears in the video game Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 as a playable character.

Ran Fuan

(English dub: Ranfan)
A competitor in the 21st Martial Arts Tournament who uses the fact that she's a "defenseless" woman as a weapon. For example, she shrieks when someone is about to hit her, causing them to pause, and in that time, she will deliver a crushing punch or kick. If that technique fails, then she strips to her underwear and tries to shock or embarrass her opponent. Namu is only able to defeat her by closing his eyes and attacking her without, "looking upon her womanly flesh." After her defeat in the tournament she is one of four fighters who stay around to watch the final round and she is the one who finally finds Son Goku sleeping before his match with Giran. In the manga, her picture is briefly seen on one of the image rosters as one of the many targets of Tambourine's mission to murder the martial artists in the Piccolo Daimao Saga, though it is unknown if Ran Fuan was slain; given that she had not appeared in the manga after the Budōkai, it is safe to say that Tambourine was stopped before he could kill her. In the U.S. broadcast, the stripping was excluded. Instead, the scene of one of Namu's failed attacks is shown followed by her twitching foot to show she was knocked out. This is strangely not edited in recaps, which clearly show her in her underwear. The words "Ran" and "Fuan" are Japanese for "Lingerie & Foundation garments". She appears in Dragon Ball Z giving her energy to Goku's Super Genki-Dama.
She is voiced in the original Japanese version by Toshiko Fujita and in the English dub by Laura Bailey.


A huge filthy competitor in the 21st Tenka-ichi Budōkai who never washed or brushed his teeth since the day he was born. He uses his stench as a weapon since his opponents need to hold their noses closed, he can attack them better. All of his special attacks are disgusting and range from spitting on his victim, to touching them with sweat from his groin. Kuririn almost loses to him, until Son Gokū reminds Kuririn that he's just imagining the smell because he doesn't have a nose (A joke on Kuririn's drawn appearance), which Kuririn quickly remembers, allowing him to beat Bacterian almost instantly. Later, it was revealed that he was homeless. He was attacked and murdered by Tambourine, but came back to life due to the Dragon Balls.
He is voiced in the Japanese version by Yasuroo Tanaka. Chris Rager voiced him in the dub.


One of the eight finalists in the World Tournament. Ruthless and hard-of-heart, Giran is always eager to fight, and enjoys pounding anyone foolish enough to challenge him. This enormous dinosaur-like creature is able to fly using his powerful wings. He also spits out a strange gooey substance he calls his "Merry-Go-Round Gum," which he uses to trap his opponents. When he's not fighting, Giran has a voracious appetite, and enjoys washing down his considerable meals with a few cold glasses of milk. In a filler episode that happened shortly after the end of the 21st Tenkaichi Budokai, it was shown that Giran was responsible for the drought that plagued Namu's village. Giran agreed to release the dome that was blocking the water channel if Goku could break it down, which he does with his Kamehameha wave. He is killed by Tambourine in the Piccolo Daimao Arc. Of all the martial artists who Tambourine killed, he lasted the longest against the green monster. He is later brought back by the Dragon Balls. In Dragon Ball Z, he makes a cameo appearance giving his energy to Goku's Super Genki-Dama. Giran is voiced by Banjō Ginga in the original Japanese version. Andrew Chandler voiced Giran in the Funimation dub.


Man-Wolf is the first opponent of Jackie Chun (really Muten Roshi in disguise) at the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai. He is a wolf that turns into a man at the full moon. He hates Jackie Chun because since Jackie destroyed the moon, Man-Wolf has been stuck as a wolf, and he can't be with pretty girls. Jackie Chun defeats him with ease, then permanently turns him into a man by hypnotizing him into thinking Kuririn's bald head is the full moon. He is later killed by Tambourine in the Piccolo Daimao Arc. His body was than seen floating down the river with a spear through his corpse with the symbol of Piccolo Daimao on it. He is later revived by Shen Long just as his girlfriend was putting flowers over his grave.
He is voiced in the original Japanese version by Masato Hirano. His dubbed voice is done by Chris Sabat.

Lan Fuan

(English Name: Fanfan)
Lan Fuan is a girl that is in the anime only. She appears during Goku's training with Mr. Popo during the early episodes of the Piccolo Jr. Arc. Her facial appearance and hair are similar to Colonel Violet and her name is the same as Ran Fuan's with an "L" instead of an "R". Both Tsuru Sennin and Kame Sennin had developed a crush on her and they often argued about who would be her boyfriend. After Lan Fuan got friendly with Goku, Tsuru Sennin grew jelious and tried to force himself on her. He than knocked her out and tied her to a tree. Goku eventually saved Lan Fuan from a fire that was lit by Tsuru Sennin and she gave her thanks by giving Goku a kiss on the forehead, which left Kame Sennin extremely jelious.
Her seiyu is Yoko Kawanami. Her Funimation actress is currently unknown.


(Funimation dub: Hero)
Shen is the alias that Kami enters the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai under. He possesses the body of a typical nerdy-looking man to disguise himself so that he can defeat Piccolo under the public eye. He defeats Yajirobe in the perliminaries and defeats Yamucha in the quarter-finals. He soon faces Piccolo and tries to seal him with the Mafu-ba wave, but Piccolo reverses it and Kami is sealed instead. His name is a pun on the first part of the Earth dragon's name, Shen Long, and it means "God" (the second part means "dragon"). Though it's possible that "Shen" was just a name made by Kami for participating in the Budokai and that this human's real name is never revealed.


Mutaito was one of the greatest martial arts teachers of all time. He was Kame Sennin and Tsuru Sennin's teacher and the one who taught them the most amazing skills of the martial arts. The first one great retode this man was to face Piccolo Daimao in his first attempt of conquering the Earth. Mutaito together with his disciples faced him in a terrible combat, remaining gravely injured and suffering for the death of his pupils. For this motive he decided to develop an ancestral skill, training in solitude to avoid any distraction. The above mentioned skill, though tremendously effective, caused death to the one who used it: the Mafu-ba. When he finished his training he faced Piccolo Daimao with this skill and he managed to conquer him in a rapid and elegant way, trapping him forever in a container used to contain evil, but died shortly afterwards from the use of this technique. In the Piccolo Jr. Saga, he appears through a special time traveling room on Kami's Lookout and teaches Goku about how to use his spritual energy, or ki (Note: this never appeared in the manga and is exclusive to the anime).
He will be played by Ernie Hudson in the Dragonball live-action film.


(Harmony Gold: Squeeker, English TV: Puar, Viz: Pu'ar, early English-subtitled name by Funimation: Pwar)
is a soft-spoken shapechanging blue creature and the constant companion of Yamucha. The name is revealed to be a pun on Pu-erh tea. Pu-erh is neither a cat or a mouse, albeit the series creator Akira Toriyama stated that he had drawn the character to look a little bit like a cat. Traveling alongside Yamucha, the two worked as a team robbing anyone traveling through the desert area in which they lived. Pu-erh has an innate ability of flight.
Pu-erh has the unique ability to shapeshift into any form, even inanimate objects, and can hold that form for as long as desired; though strength is not increased by the change, however, as such is unable to turn into something that can be used up like fuel or food. Pu-erh graduated from the same shapeshifting academy as Oolong, although unlike Oolong, Pu-erh had completed all of the academy training and does not have Oolong's difficulties with maintaining a transformed state. Pu-erh shows up quite a bit in the beginning, but becomes less of a presence as the series continues. As the driving theme of the series is mostly about fighting, Pu-erh can do little more than react to the horrors of the latest supervillains in the story.
There is some debate regarding the character's gender. Despite being portrayed by several female voice actors, the character has been referred to with both male and female pronouns during the anime. Though the issue of gender is never directly addressed, Toriyama has referred to Pu-erh as "he" while answering a fan question in the "Ask Me Anything" section in the back of the manga. Some fans believe that since shape-shifters can assume many different forms, gender is a moot point.
In Dragon Ball GT, he is seen in the last episode with Yamucha as they are visited by Goku. They're located in the same desert and house as they were in Dragonball. Throughout the series, he is only seen from time to time and has no big roles in GT at all. His role started fading in Dragon Ball Z.
Pu-erh is voiced in the original Japanese version by Naoko Watanabe. He was voiced by Cathy Weseluck in the Ocean dub of DBZ and by Monika Antonelli in the Funimation dub. In the canceled Ocean dub of Dragon Ball, he was voiced by Kathy Morse.


(English Name: Scratch)
Tama is Dr. Brief's black cat. He is frequently seen on Dr. Brief's shoulder (much more often in the anime than in the manga). He does not play any major roles in any of the three Dragon Ball series. According to Dr. Brief, Tama has had many years of experience with capsule technology, though just how experienced is unknown. In the English dubs of all three Dragon Ball series, Tama is referred to as a female while in the Japanese version, Tama is a male cat.
His voice effects are done by Tarako Isono in the original version and by Myriam Sirois in the Ocean dub. In the Funimation dub, his voice effects were supplied by Barry Watson.


(English TV:Suno)
is a young female who lives in Jingle Village. She rescues Son Goku from the freezing weather that he isn't accustomed to when his plane crashes in the cold northern region. After the Red Ribbon Army Saga, she later appears in filler episodes of the Piccolo Daimao Saga when Piccolo Daimao disrups a town's celebrations as she was about to give the king of the world some flowers. She reappears later on in Dragon Ball Z when Goku asks for energy for the Super Genki-Dama. In Dragon Ball GT, she makes her final appearance alongside Artificial Human #8 and the other villagers in episode 40 where Piccolo sacrifices himself to rid of the Black Star Dragon Balls' existence. It is interesting to note that, not only are her subsequent appearances not canon to the manga by Akira Toriyama (except in the Kid Boo Saga), but that she is named after her first few anime appearances as well.
Her seiyu is Naoko Watanabe. She is voiced by Susan Huber in the Funimation version.

Dr. Frappe

(Funimation's dub: Dr. Flappe)
Dr. Frappe is the creator of Artificial Human #8 who does research for Red Ribbon Army.
In the anime, Toei Animation added this doctor into the story in order to showcase the mastermind behind Artificial Human #8's creation. Bearing in mind that Doctor Gero was yet to be created as a character in the Artificial Human Saga and would be the one true person behind the creation of the Artificial Humans. "Frappe" could have been a codename for Gero within the Red Ribbon Army; it can also be construed that Dr. Frappe and Gero made Artificial Human #8 together.
Frappe was voiced in the English version by Kent Williams. In the Japanese version, he is voiced by Hitoshi Bifu.


is the son of Bora, and accompanies Son Goku for a short time during the Fortuneteller Baba Saga in order to recover all of the Dragon Balls so they can wish his father back to life. Upa is a member of the native tribe who serve as the guardians of Karin Tower. His father is the chief, however, the rest of the tribe is not seen until the end of the manga. He participates in the fight against Uranai Baba's fighters and helps Pu-erh defeat Dracula Man (a kickboxing vampire) with garlic breath. He later briefly, along with his father Bora, help Goku and Yajirobe up Karin Tower in the Piccolo Daimao arc. He is also seen in the uncut version in Dragon Ball Z yelling at Lunch who is going through their belongings. At the end of Dragon Ball Z, now an adult, he is shown giving energy to Goku's Genki Dama. Upa and his father also make a final cameo appearance in Dragon Ball GT on the episode "Piccolo's Decision".
He is voiced in the original Japanese version by Mitsuko Horie. As a child in the dub, he was voiced by Carol Hope. As an adult in the dub, he was voiced by Dameon Clarke.

Uranai Baba

(English TV: Fortuneteller Baba)
is an old witch that has been fortune-telling for more than 500 years. She is Muten Roshi's older sister, whom he often bickers with. With her unique clairvoyant capabilities, she is able to see into the future using her crystal ball. She is more than happy to tell anyone what their future holds for them, although, the price is very costly at a payment of 10,000,000,000 zeni. However, the alternative way of gaining one's fortune is to defeat her five "other-worldly" martial arts experts. She has a knack for divination skills with her crystal ball, allowing her to see any place on Earth, or even look deep into the future. She can also travel to the "Other World" and back. She correctly predicted that Goku would one day become a great and famous hero. She is one of the few characters in the entire Dragon Ball universe to never die.
She is voiced in the original Japanese version by Junpei Takiguchi and later Mayumi Tanaka. Her voice was done by Ellen Kennedy in the Ocean dub and by Linda Young in the Funimation re-dub.


is introduced in volume 36 of the manga as the daughter of the comic relief character Mr. Satan. Being related to Mr. Satan in the series, Toriyama gave his daughter the name Videl, as an anagram of "devil", following Toriyama's tendency to give his associated characters puns as for their names. In the series, Mr. Satan is very protective of her, especially in respect to boys. Growing up, she trained in martial arts, hoping to achieve the skill level her dad claimed to have. However, she was not aware that her skill had quickly surpassed his true martial arts aptitude. She eventually grows doubt in his ability, and comes to the realization that her father could not have defeated Cell. She is a tough, tomboyish character, raised with fame all around her. In her spare time, Videl fights crime in Satan City. She becomes suspicious of Son Gohan after meeting him at Orange Star High School, and she even follows him for a brief time to learn more about him. Videl eventually discovers Gohan’s secret identity as the Great Saiyaman, as well as the son of Son Goku, a former tournament champion. She forces Gohan to teach her how to fly, and makes him enter the 25th Tenka'ichi Budokai under the threat that she'll reveal his identity to the world. During the tournament, she witnesses Gohan's transformation into Super Saiyan. This reminds her of the young boy with gold hair who fought Cell. She realized the young boy was actually Gohan, and discovered Gohan was the one who defeated Cell, not her father. During their time together, Videl begins to fall in love with Gohan, which is shown notably due to her reaction to and her denial of the news of Gohan's supposed death. After the Kid Boo Saga, the two get married, and have a child named Pan. In GT, she wears her hair in a ponytail and takes over Gyumao's role as trying to comfort Chichi in dark times and prevent her from going into dangerous battles with powerful supervillians.
In the DBZ movie Wrath of the Dragon, a few episodes of the Great Saiyaman Saga, in Budokai Tenkaichi 2, and Budokai Tenkaichi 3, she becomes the Great Saiyaman Mk. II (Great Saiyawoman in the English dubs) and teams up with Gohan to fight crime in Satan City.
She is voiced in the original Japanese version by Yuko Minaguchi. In the Ocean dub, her voice was done by Moneca Stori, and in the Funimation dub by Kara Edwards. In the english version of Dragon Ball GT, she is voiced by Susan Huber.


(English TV: Turtle)
is Muten Roshi's friend and long-time companion, the good-natured lovable turtle lives in the Kame House with the elderly hermit. During Dragon Ball Z in the anime filler, he celebrates his 1,000th birthday. He plays a relatively small part in the manga, but he has quite a few large roles in the anime. When he first appeared, he was in the wilderness, alone and lost. He was picking mushrooms when he got separated from his friends and had since been wandering around on land for over a year. Son Goku kindly takes on the task of returning him to the sea, which he is very grateful for. It is Umigame who introduces Muten Roshi to Bulma and Goku. Umigame does not care much for Muten Roshi's perverse interests, enjoying honest interests himself. He was one of the first animal characters Goku meets and befriends, giving a small sense of irony that in the final Dragon Ball GT episode, he's one of the few characters that Goku bids farewell to after departing with Shen Long. In the anime, he is known to have a son, but his son is only seen in episode #47 of the Dragon Ball anime.
He is voiced in the original Japanese version by Daisuke Gōri. Scott McNeil did his voice in the Ocean dub. In the Funimation dub, Christopher R. Sabat voiced him.


Artificial Human #19

(English TV: Android 19)
is one of the first Artificial Humans seen in Dragon Ball Z. He is an energy absorbing-model, round in appearance with pale white skin. #19 is the only other energy absorbing model type Artificial Human outside of #20 and Super #17. Artificial Human #19 was actually created for the sole purpose of transporting Dr. Gero's brain to his Artificial Human body, but Gero later decided to make Artificial Human #19 into a combat Artificial Human, and he appeared 3 years after Future Trunks warning alongside Artificial Human #20. He is completely mechanical and has no human components or personality, but is assumed by viewers to be male. Though not particularly strong, he managed to beat Goku in battle due to the heart virus he was suffering from. #19 almost killed Goku by draining him of his energy, but he was interrupted by Vegeta who proceeded to defeat him quite effortlessly. After #19 had his energy absorbing hands yanked off by Vegeta, he tried to flee only to be vaporized by Vegeta's "Big Bang" attack leaving only his head behind.
Many years later, in Dragon Ball GT, everyone escapes from Hell and Artificial Human #19 is among them. He is easily defeated by energy blasts from Goten and Trunks.
He is voiced in the original Japanese version by Yukitoshi Hori. Philip Wilburn provided a somewhat robotic sounding voice in the Funimation dub, while Patricia Drake provided a more human sounding voice in the Ocean dub.


is a fictional graphic novel supervillain who first appears in the Dragon Ball manga created by Akira Toriyama, followed by Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. He is the ultimate creation of the scientist Dr. Gero, cloned from the cells of several characters from the series. As a result of the cloning, Cell is labeled the "perfect warrior", possessing genetic traits from Dragon Ball characters such as Piccolo and Freeza.
His seiyū is Norio Wakamoto, in the Funimation dub he is voiced by Dameon Clarke and in the Ocean Group dub by Dale Wilson.

Cell Jr.

A is a minuscule child-like version of Cell. Cell spawned seven of these beings during his battle with Son Gohan to battle the spectating Z-Fighters (Goku, Vegeta, Future Trunks, Piccolo, Kuririn, Tenshinhan and Yamucha) in an effort to make Gohan angry. The Cell Jr.'s were very strong, capable of beating all the Z fighters, with only Future Trunks, Vegeta and Piccolo capable of standing against them for any time, defeating even Goku, who was weakened by his earlier fight with Cell. When Gohan finally did snap, he dispatched them very quickly. They have a vocabulary limited to "Ki!" and "Yah!" in the Japanese version of the anime, but both the Funimation and Ocean Group dubs have the Cell Jr.'s taunt the Z Fighters with child-like phrases.
They were all voiced by Justin Cook in the Funimation dub, while in the Ocean dub they were voiced by Tom Kenny, Terry Klassen, and Pauline Newstone.

Dr. Gero

is the former chief scientist of the Red Ribbon Army and mad scientist super villain who houses an especially deep sense of loathing for Son Goku for destroying the Red Ribbon army. He turned himself into a cyborg by implanting his brain into the robot body which he had originally planned to make into Artificial Human #20. He first appeared under the identity #20 with Artificial Human #19 to assassinate Goku, both absorb energy from small red devices on the palms of their hands. Before battling the Artificial Humans, Gero revealed his past to Goku and the others. Gero had created a small insect like device that followed Goku through out his life after the army fell years ago, collecting his data and analyzing his combat techniques, as well as techniques from others such as Yamucha, Tenshinhan, Piccolo and Vegeta. After #19 is destroyed by Vegeta and #20 is greatly damaged by Piccolo, Gero flees back to his lab and activates Artificial Humans #17 and #18, hoping that they would destroy Vegeta and Piccolo. #17 breaks his controller to prevent Gero from ever deactivating them again. The doctor is then killed by his own creation after #17 decapitates him and crushes his head under his foot. In the Kid Boo Saga, he watched the final battle with Kid Boo along other past villains in Hell.
Later, Gero and Dr. Myu joined forces and resurrected all of the past villains from Hell through the Dragon Balls. They also merged #17 with another #17 they created in Hell. After Pan tells Gero to order the new Super 17 to call off his attack on Vegeta, Myu reveals that he secretly programed Super 17 so he would only obey him. Gero is killed again shortly afterwords.
In the anime, a Dr. Frappe is named as the creator of Artificial Human #8. A possible explanation is that "Frappe" could have been a codename for Gero within the Red Ribbon Army; it can also be construed that Dr. Frappe and Gero made Artificial Human #8 together or that Dr. Frappe merely constructed #8 while Dr. Gero produced the blueprints.
He is voiced in the original Japanese version by Koji Yada. In the Funimation dub, he was voiced by Kent Williams. In the Ocean dub, the voice was done by Brian Dobson.


A bio warrior from the second movie. He was a pink-skinned warrior with red hair and he also beared a vague resemblance to ReaCoom of the Ginyu Special Corps. Ebifurya's special power is ice. He fought with Kishime against Goku but was killed when Goku used the Kaio-ken. His seiyu is Ken Yamaguchi. He was voiced by Don Brown in the Ocean dub and by Matthew Tompkins in the Funimation dub.


A bio warrior from movie two. He was a green creature with electric tenticles. Though he put up a good fight against Goku, he was killed when Goku used the Kaio-ken and smashed him in the back. Kishime is voiced in the original Japanese version by Yukimasa Kishino. He was voiced by Ward Perry in the Ocean dub and by Chris Rager in the Funimation re-dub.

Dr. Cochin

(English dubs: Dr. Kochin)
Cochin(ドクター・コーチン) is Uiro's evil partner and the cyborg creator of the bio-warriors Misokatsun, Ebifurya, and Kishime. Cochin reveals his cybernetic form when he mounts his arm into a rotating chaingun and uses it on Kuririn. He is destroyed when Uiro goes on a rampage, falling to his death.
Cochin's seiyu is Koji Yada. He was voiced by Ward Perry in the Ocean dub and by Troy Baker in the Funimation dub.


(English dubs: Mikokatsun)
A bio warrior from movie 2, his only method of attack was his own obesity. Misokatsun was a large yellow creature. His facial looks closely resembled that of Dodoria's and his fat, yet balloon-like, body also resembled the fat form of Boo. He was eventually slain when Goku used his Kaio-ken to burst through him, causing him to deflate like a balloon. He later appears as a part of Freeza's group in movie 12.
His voice was done by Alec Willows in the Ocean dub and by Robert McCollum in the Funimation dub. Daisuke Gori is his seiyu.


Spopovich is one of Babidi's minions assigned to the job of collecting energy for Boo's resurrection. He participated in the 25th World Martials Arts Tournament, along with another one of Babidi's minions, Yamu. In the tournament, he was matched up with Videl, and nearly beat her to death. He only stopped when Yamu told him to stop fooling around and end the match, so he kicked her out of the ring. Later, in the match with Gohan & Kibito, when Kibito told Gohan to transform into a Super Saiyan, and soon after a Super Saiyan 2, Spopovich assaulted Gohan while Yamu drained his energy through a bottle and flew off. Later, when he delivered the energy to Babidi, he was blown up and killed by him when he decided he didn't need him any longer, along with Yamu.
Spopovich appears as a playable character in the game Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 and has a tag-team ultimate with Yamu.
In the Funimation dub of the anime, he was voiced by Andrew Chandler. In the Ocean Dub, Spopovitch was voiced by Michael Dobson. Hisao Egawa voiced him in the original Japanese version.


Yamu is one of Babidi's minions who is given the job of gathering energy for Boo's resurrection. He participated in the 25th World Martials Arts Tournament with Spopovich, another minion of Babidi. He was matched up with Jewel, but never got to fight him due to him leaving before the match. Unlike his partner, not much about his history before becoming a Majin is revealed. When Spopovich was violently assaulting Videl, Yamu was the only one to get him to stop. When Gohan revealed his Super Saiyan powers during the battle with Kibito, he & Spopovich jumped him, took his energy and flew off. Later, he was killed with a concentrated blast by Babidi's minion, Pocus, when he tried to escape death. He was seen in the Kid Boo Saga watching the fight between Goku and Kid Boo in Hell along with other past villians.
In the game Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3, Yamu had a cameo role as one of Spopovich's moves, but never made it as a playable character.
He is voiced by Naoki Tatsuta in the original version. In the Funimation dub, he was voiced by John Burgmeier. In the Ocean dub, Brian Drummond did his voice.


is one of two of Emperor Pilaf's minions. She is one of very few female characters in the Dragon Ball universe. She is closely paired with Shu as Emperor Pilaf's personal minions. She mainly appears to retrieve the Dragon Balls along with Emperor Pilaf and Shu. Mai appears with Emperor Pilaf off and on through the series (both manga and anime), but she falls out of the story just before the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai and doesn't appear again until a brief appearance in Dragon Ball GT, many years later in the Dragon Ball canon.
In Bojack unbound she appears as a card in a card game that Goku plays with Bubbles, as well as appearing in the ending credits of Bardock - The Father of Goku. Pilaf, Shu and Uranai Baba also appear as cards.
She is voiced in the original Japanese version by Eiko Yamada and by Teryl Rothery in the Ocean dub. In the Funimation dub, Julie Franklin does her voice. In the video games, Colleen Clinkenbeard voiced her.
Mai is also rumored to play a much larger role in the upcoming Dragonball Live Action Film. She will be played by Eriko Tamura


"Emperor" Pilaf is a small, impish demi-human who craves nothing more than power and dreams of ruling the world. He is an emperor in that he has a crown and a castle. He rules over an empire known as the Reich Pilaf, however the only members of this evil empire are his two followers Shū and Mai, and despite his villainous ambitions has a rather meek personality.
He appears almost twice as much in the anime as compared to the manga. At one point in Dragon Ball, he collects all of the Dragon Balls and is about to make his wish when Oolong jumps in the way and screams a different wish than anyone had planned on.
Pilaf's first confrontation with Son Gokū is in the "Son Gokū Saga" over the Dragon Balls, which he seeks so that he can wish to rule the world. When he fails, he then releases Piccolo Daimaō from his confinement to achieve power.
Pilaf has a short return in the "Red Ribbon Army Saga", a shorter return in the "Fortuneteller Baba Saga", and a final appearance in Dragon Ball, prior to Goku and Chi-Chi's wedding.
Pilaf is never seen during Dragon Ball Z, other than a flashback stint, thanks to Bulma during the "Namek Saga" and an appearance in a picture stint on a card game in "Bojack Unbound". He also appears in the ending credits of Bardock - The Father of Goku.
In the first episode of Dragon Ball GT he makes a final major appearance as an old man. He finds Kami’s Lookout along with the now elderly Shū and Mai, and they manage to recover the seven Black Star Dragon Balls hidden in the Tower. Right as Pilaf is about to make his wish to rule the world, Gokū appears in front of them. Pilaf screams in rage and exclaims that he wishes Gokū were a little kid again so he could beat him up. Unfortunately, the Black Star Dragon overhears this and grants his wish. Later in the "Bebi Saga", when the Planet explodes, Pilaf and his gang are last seen briefly, when SSJ4 Goku saves them and takes them to the Tsufurian Planet.
Despite his seeming incompetence, Pilaf has an incredible amount of resources at his command, such as his own castle, airplane, laser weaponry, and high-tech floating base. Somehow he is able to improve on Bulma's Dragon Radar, develop a material that is capable of nullifying the electromagnetic pulses that a Dragon Radar picks up on, create an orbiting satellite detection system that can pick up images and sound from anywhere in the world, and find where Piccolo Daimaō was buried under the ocean floor hundreds of years ago even though he was believed to be only a legend by everyone save Kame Sennin and Tsuru Sennin.
Pilaf is one of the few characters to break the fourth wall, directly referring the Dragon Ball comic itself. It should also be noted that despite his incompetence, he is known to the citizens of Dragon World, as Bulma recognizes him as Pilaf when they first meet.
He was voiced by Shigeru Chiba in the original Japanese, by Don Brown in the canceled Ocean dub of Dragon Ball, and by Chuck Huber in the Funimation version.

Red Ribbon Army

The is a military organization bent on total world domination. They use all forms of high tech weaponry, assault vehicles, and Artificial Human soldiers to carry out their biddings, and have no problem or concern for who or what they destroy in their search for the Dragon Balls. The Red Ribbon Army was actually once a technological corporation that was in an arms race with Capsule Corporation, the high tech company run by Bulma's father Dr. Briefs and eventually Trunks in Dragon Ball GT. After the Red Ribbon company went bankrupt due to Capsule Corp. out matching their sales, the company became an army and is lead by Commander Red to take over the world through brute force. All Red Ribbon Army members have colored coded names (such as Commander Red, Assistant Black, General Blue, General White, etc). The Red Ribbon army was single handedly defeated by Goku, and would be temporarily resurrected many years later through Dr. Gero who created a legion of Artificial Human warriors to kill Goku in the name of the army Gero had served. They later appear in Dragon Ball GT, chasing Hercule Satan. They were all killed by Pan.

Commander Red

(English dubs: Supreme Commander Red)
Commander Red is the leader of the Red Ribbon Army. While he puts up the front that he plans to take over the world, his true plan was to use the Dragon Balls to wish to become tall. Assistant Black overhears this and pleads that the Red Ribbon Army did so much, and risked a lot for his ambition, instead of world conquest, therefore it wasn't worth the risk and could lead to their ultimate defeat. When Red doesn't listen, he is then shot in the head and killed by Black who, in the anime, then renames it the Black Ribbon Army. Though not confirmed in canon, Commander Red's position and appearance what somewhat like that of the roles shared by Napolean Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler. Also, in the Great Saiyaman Saga when Gohan accidentally runs into a movie being directed of Saiyaman, someone who looks exactly like Commander Red is the director of this movie; also, the director's assistant resembles Assistant Black strangely enough.
He is voiced in the original Japanese version by Kenji Utsumi. In the English dub, he was voiced by Josh Martin.

Adjutant Black

(English dubs: Staff Officer Black)
Sometimes referenced as Assistant Black or Advisor Black, Adjutant Black (ブラック参謀) isn't given much of a role in the Dragon Ball series. Suave and quick-witted, Black carries out Commander Red's orders and informs Red of the current situations with the remaining Red Ribbon officers. It is also worth noting that Black is obviously of African origin, although he was changed into a Hispanic in The Path to Power English redub. Overhearing Red's joyful speech about becoming a taller person, Black was appalled, saying that his mad ambition has cost the Army dearly as shown in Goku's invasion, and may eventually lead to its defeat, also stating that loyalty meant nothing to Red and that he sold him out for his own personal vanity. Red replies it doesn't matter how many soldiers he risks as long as he reaches his goal, and makes it clear that he is just a lackey, and is as the rest of the Red Ribbon Army, expendable. Red also believed the only reason for Black being angry was him being jealous for not having the title of "Commander" in front of his name. Angered, Black then shot Red in the head with his pistol, killing him instantly. Goku was offered a position in Black's short-lived new army — the Black Ribbon Army — which Goku blatantly refused. Black was killed after he tried to eliminate Goku in a robotic suit known as the "Steel Jacket". Black would later be seen alongside General Blue, Sergeant Metallic, Captain Dark, and other Red Ribbon Army officers in Dragon Ball GT as one of the villains from Hell. Later, Black is last seen mocking General Blue because he was killed by a girl (Pan).
He is voiced in the original Japanese version by Masaharu Satō and in the Funimation dub by Chris Sabat.

General Blue

One of the highest-ranking officers of the Red Ribbon Army, General Blue is designed to be a handsome pretty boy. He has a special psychic technique where he could temporarily paralyze people so they couldn't move (called Chonoryoku in the Japanese dialogue), which Blue used to his advantage to win the fight. His power is further illustrated when we see Blue get shocked by a huge electric eel but he manages to choke the eel to death with his bare hands (this only happens in the Anime). General Blue is of German descent as implied in the manga through his spoken line "Auf Wieder Sehen", which essentially means "Goodbye" in German. This character was based on Hitler's ideal men and belief that blond-haired, blue-eyed people are superior to other races as seen in his feats of superhuman strength and psychic abilities. Along with his effeminate behavior and mannerisms, he was extremely obsessed with his looks and was very strict and militant, ordering his men executed for crimes as trivial as nose picking, or inevitable, like missing a target twice with torpedoes. The fact that he is a homosexual is implied a few times both in the manga and the anime. He tracked and encountered Goku various times, eventually stealing a Dragon Radar from him. When he returned to the army's headquarters, Commander Red congratulated him on the finding of the Dragon Radar but noted that his main mission was to collect the Dragon Balls, and that people were executed for failure. Blue became terrified until Red said that since Blue had served the army well in the past, and that if he fought Tao and won he would be able to redeem himself. Tao Pai Pai easily killed Blue by sticking his tongue on a pressure point on Blue's temple.
General Blue reappears briefly in Dragon Ball GT, when all the villains are resurrected from Hell. He (along with other Red Ribbon Army members) is chasing Mr. Satan in a plane and is defeated by Pan. He also appears in The New Dr. Slump series by Akira Toriyama, based on his original manga series.
He is voiced in the original Japanese version by Toshio Furukawa (TV) and Bin Shimada (The Path to Power). In the Funimation version, his voice is supplied by Sonny Strait. He is a playable character in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3.

General White

General White is the questionably sane, often over-reactive Russian commander of Muscle Tower, the Red Ribbon Army's northern fortress. The oldest of the known officers, White, while not a gifted strategist, is observant and draws conclusions with surprising speed, and is the only officer to have ever found out Son Goku's primary weakness; his tail. While he is easily irritated and slightly impatient, White is surprisingly complementary, congratulating Goku when he reached the sixth floor and praising Ninja Murasaki for a job well done when he supposedly killed Goku. As Goku and Artificial Human 8 reach the sixth and final level of the tower, which is his level, Goku and General White fight, but it is clear that Goku is much stronger. He then threatens to kill the village chief if Artificial Human 8 doesn't comply to kill Goku, and shoots the boy with a high-powered handgun. In retaliation, Artificial Human 8 finally punches General White out of Muscle Tower, flying into the mountains, never to be seen or heard of again. During Son Goku's fight with Murasaki, it is revealed that General White has two sisters, but they never appear in the manga, and only in a photo in the anime. It is also suggested that Murasaki might be trying to get the two sisters to make out, although this, too, is never confirmed.
He is voiced in the original Japanese version by Tesshō Genda. In the Funimation dub, Kyle Hebert did his voice.

General Copper

Although unseen in both the manga and anime, he is mentioned in the series. Copper commanded Captain Yellow, Colonel Violet, and Colonel Silver, and it has been suggested that he survived the decimation of the Red Ribbon Army's Headquarters as, almost immediately before that happened, Red told Black to give the Dragon Radar to Copper and for him to find the Dragon Ball known to exist somewhere in his base's vicinity.

Colonel Silver

Colonel Silver is the first of the high-ranking Red Ribbon Army officers Son Goku fights, and thus is overwhelmed and unprepared. Silver had a fairly small role in the Manga, but he had a considerably larger role in the Anime. This is because the Red Ribbon Army was introduced a little earlier in the Anime and Toei created several filler episodes involving Silver and Pilaf before the next chapter of the Dragon Ball manga was released and the animators could continue on with the story. An interesting note about Silver is that his personalliy warps in the two dubs. In the original Japanese version, he is quiet and serious while in the FUNimation version he was changed to being short-tempered, aggressive, and courteous to superiors and occasionally complimentary towards random citizens. He is shown to be a talented and powerful American fighter with a love of weapons, and excellent in marksmanship as well. Silver is also rather fast, shocking even Goku when he runs past and swipes the bundle of cloth containing the Dragonballs and Dragon Radar from Goku's hands. Silver was in turn shocked by Goku's speed, and attempted to fight him, but was easily defeated by Goku who he had already angered by apparently destroying Goku's Kintoun (it is later revealed that the Kintoun survived this attack). In the Manga, Red said he was going to be executed for his failure, but that scene is never shown. In the Anime, Silver is called back to the Red Ribbon base for questioning. Silver beggs for a second chance, but Red replies that there are no second chances in the Red Ribbon Army. He orders the guards to take him out of his sight, but Silver brushes them off. He than calmly walks out the door. Though the fact that Red sends two guards after him suggests that he was executed off-screen shortly after being dismissed. It is unknown if he escaped alive and still lived up until the end of Dragon Ball GT, as he was not seen at all in the Super Artificial Human #17 Saga when all villians escaped from Hell.
He is voiced in the original Japanese version by Banjō Ginga and in the English version by Christopher R. Sabat.

Captain Dark

He is referenced as "Lieutenant" in episode 47 and in episode 48 as "Captain Dark" in the Funimation dub. He is an overweight and strict captain who is second in command at the Blue Camp under General Blue. He is given command of Company B to invade Muten Roshi's island, and is the first of the company to be defeated. Dark carries a whip which Roshi evades with ease, he then kills him with a single punch and easily wipes out all but two of his men, Lunch killed the one that held her hostage and he let the other one go. He is later seen in Dragon Ball GT among the villains near Lord Enma's check-out desk. His seiyu and voice actor are both unidentified.


Buyon is the hidden, blubbery monster of Muscle Tower. In the Viz manga, he was inexplicitly renamed The Jiggler. Buyon resides on the fifth floor of Muscle Tower, which is only accessible by falling through the trap door on sixth level, where General White resides with the imprisoned major of the nearby Jingle Village. At first, Buyon posed a seemingly undefeatable threat to Son Goku and #8, as everything Goku threw at him, such as a Kamehameha in the stomach or a kick in the face, simply bounced back. Through a long, tiring process — in which both Goku and #8 were almost devoured — Goku eventually discovers Buyon's weakness; the cold. Knocking a small hole in the wall, Buyon froze. Goku simply walked up to the frozen monster and punched him once, which made him crumble apart as if he were made of dried clay. After that, it was the simple matter of using the Power Pole to bash through the ceiling to confront the leader of Muscle Tower.

Sergeant Purple

(FUNimation name: Ninja Murasaki)
Even though he is smart, Sergeant Purple (a.k.a. Murasaki) loses to Goku after a long, drawn out, somewhat farcical fight. He uses several ninja tricks to which Goku counters in his own kooky way and wields shuriken, a katana, a blowgun, a pistol, and a hook chain. Even when he divided into 5 entities (the Murasaki's were just 5 identical brothers with Sergeant Purple as the oldest), Goku was still able to defeat him. Murasaki comes off as a dangerous, highly skilled ninja warrior but in fact, all of his fancy moves are tricks and his ridiculous techniques end up hurting and embarrassing him more than Goku. After the fight he tries to unleash Artificial Human 8 upon Goku, or he would destroy Artificial Human 8. Artificial Human 8 refuses, and Goku knocks out Murasaki before he could do anything. Murasaki eventually goes after Dr. Flappe and Artificial Human #8, but was presumably killed when Goku unintentionally tossed #8's bomb onto Murasaki's cheek in the anime only. Murasaki reappears in The New Dr. Slump series by Akira Toriyama, based on his original manga series.
In episode 138 of DBZ, there is a white haired, chain-twerling member of the biker gang that harasses the Artificial Humans during their search for Goku in the Anime only that closely resembles Sergeant Purple.
He is voiced in the original Japanese version by Takeshi Aono. Duncan Brannan voiced him in the dub.

Sergeant Metallic

(Funimation dub: Major Metallitron)
Of all of Muscle Tower, Goku's second challenge - to get past Sergeant Metallic (a.k.a. Full Metal Jacket) - was by far the most difficult task. Since Metallic was a robot, he was very hard, and in all truth the only reason Goku won was because the major's batteries ran out of power. At one point in the anime, Goku accidentally blows off his head using a Kamehameha, but even that doesn't stop Metallic from continuing its' rampage. Even without a head and eventually losing both wrists, he tried to repeatedly stomp Goku flat. It was the first time in the series someone was actually able to take a couple hits from the Saiyan warrior and survive. Metallic appeared for a couple seconds in Dragonball GT, firing his fist off and causing major damage to a building. Stylistically, he is an obvious tribute/parody of The Terminator played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.
His seiyu was Hisao Egawa and Chris Rager supplied his English voice.

Colonel Violet

Violet is the only somewhat notable female officer in the Red Ribbon Army. This is contrary to what General Blue says earlier in the series, that women are not allowed to join (Though because Blue is a homo-sexual and dislikes women, he might have just been lying about that). She seems to be sarcastic and unaffected by people's deaths. An example of this is when an alligator was harassing Violet and her soldiers when they were hunting for a Dragon Ball, she throws two of her soldiers overboard as bait while she escapes to shore. Another example is when her pilot was killed by some angry natives, she didn't seem to care in the least and takes off though as nothing had happened. However, in the same scene she shows concern for a frightened baby monkey, which she consoles and helps it escape the melee (She seemed to pay more attention to it than she did the natives or her men), this means she may have a soft spot for animals (possibly young children). While Violet was briefly seen in only two short panels in the Manga, handing a Dragon Ball to Commander Red, her role is somewhat increased in the Anime, but not enough for further consideration. During Goku's invasion of the Red Ribbon base, instead of fighting Goku like the other soldiers, Violet runs to the vault, steals all of the money, gold, and jewels from them and escapes the base in a private aircraft. She appears briefly in a flashback in the Artificial Human Saga as Muten-Roshi is telling Maron the story of Goku's battle with the Red Ribbon Army. Violet also appears during the Cell Games Saga where she is forced to hand a Dragon Ball to Goku, and a final appearance in the Kid Boo Saga giving her ki to the Genki-Dama.
Violet's seiyu is Kazuko Sugiyama. She was voiced by Meredith McCoy in the Funimation version. In the Ocean dub, her voice is supplied by Angela Costain.

Captain Yellow

Yellow is a captain of the Red Ribbon Army. Although he may have the appearance of a humanoid tiger, Yellow does not share any attributes that would be commonly associated with big cats. An example of this is Yellow's hatred of the jungle. Despite this, he does possess several attributes that are rare among Red Ribbon officers. One of them would be that he has a sense of humor, as well as being persistent to get people to cooperate with him, despite being short-tempered. Yellow also seems to greatly care about his men, as shown after Bora killed all of his troops while he was trying to convince Bora to give him a Dragon Ball. After kidnapping Upa to get Bora to hand over the ball, Goku sees that Yellow's plane has the Red Ribbon insignia and kicks Yellow out of his plane, killing him and rescuing Upa. Yellow is later seen chasing Mr. Satan in Dragon Ball GT when Hell is opened up and is easily killed again by Pan.
Yellow's seiyu is Daisuke Gouri, and he was voiced by Phil Parsons in the Funimation version.


Haski is a master thief who is occasionally employed by the Red Ribbon Army. She has made a career out of doing the most impossible tasks. After she accepts a job, her abilities are such that not even the tightest security can stop her from making off with her prize. Once more, she has accepted a lucrative, lofty assignment from Commander Red: steal the Dragon Balls and get rid of Goku. Haski was able to steal the balls after disguising herself as a fortuneteller and romanticly sudusing Yamucha into letting her have them, but Goku eventually stopped her by tickling her into dropping the Dragon Balls. What happened to her afterwords is unknown. She could be an identical rival of Lunch (similar to Ryoko and Nagi from Tenchi Universe). She appeared in the anime only.
Her seiyu is Toshiko Fujita, and her voice was done by Meredith McCoy in the Funimation dub.

Tao Pai Pai

(English TV, Dragon Ball: Mercenary Tao, English TV, Dragon Ball Z: General Tao)
is the Crane Hermit's younger brother and a highly skilled assassin-for-hire. When he appears in Dragon Ball he is easily the most powerful of the Earth warriors, even more powerful than Goku, but as with most of the cast, his power quickly diminishes in comparison later on in the series. He is hired by the Red Ribbon Army in order to retrieve the Dragon Balls that Son Goku holds and to execute him. He quickly proves his expertise by executing General Blue for failure, and murdering Bora for trying to protect the village and Goku. He succeeds beating Goku and taking all but one of his Dragon Balls, the four-star ball, which saves Goku's life from his Dodon-Pa. Tao Pai Pai returns three days later to retrieve the final Dragon Ball; Goku, however, received special training from Karin during the three days, and proves to be far too strong for Tao Pai Pai. Tao Pai Pai tries to kill Goku with a grenade, but Goku deflects it straight back at him, greatly wounding him. Tao Pai Pai is rebuilt as a cyborg by his older brother, and competes in the 23rd Tenkaichi Budōkai, brutally defeating Chaozu. He fights Tenshinhan next, and cuts his chest with a katana, leaving the warrior with a scar. Though the announcer disqualifies him for the use of a weapon, Tao Pai Pai says he doesn't care about the tournament rules and continues his attack. He uses a Super Dodon-Pa ray, a more powerful version of the normal-powered Dodon-Pa, on Tenshinhan, but it is easily deflected with a kiai scream. Tenshinhan disarms and defeats him shortly after. Tao Pai Pai reappears later in an filler episode during the Cell Games Saga again as an assassin for hire. He battles a leader of a village, an old man named Lao, and it appears that he is going to win but Goku's son Gohan is ready to defend the village. Recognizing Gohan as Goku's son, he flees. He also attempts to steal Goku's Dragon Balls by distracting him with a puzzle (however, Goku eventually solves the puzzle and remains completely oblivious to Tao Pai Pai's intentions). He was never seen or heard from again in the series after this. Tao Pao Pai also has an uncanny resemblance to Hong Kong actor Yuan Wah. While not an actual member of the Red Ribbon Army, his name follows the same pun pattern as the other Red Ribbon members, as it means "Peach White White".
He is voiced in the original Japanese version by Chikao Ōtsuka. In the Ocean dud, he was voiced by Scott McNeil and in the Funimation dub his voice is supplied by Kent Williams.


is Pilaf's ninja crony who apparently is a humanoid dog. He and Mai usually work together to carry out the work of their vertically-challenged and short tempered Emperor. He's one of the first villains in the Dragon Ball series. He's almost comic relief. Originally known as Soba in the manga, but was renamed to match the anime name given after Akira Toriyama forgot he had named him previously. He appears along with Mai and Pilaf in two episodes of Dragonball GT.
He is voiced in the original Japanese version by Tesshō Genda. In the original canceled Ocean dub of the Emperor Pilaf saga his voice was done by Doug Parker. In the Funimation dub, his voice is supplied by Chris Cason.

Tsuru Sennin

(English TV: Shen)
is the master of the Crane School and Tao Pai Pai's older brother. He trained under the same master as Roshi and beheld their master's death. Roshi would later say that he didn't know if their master's death left Shen either disillusioned with good or somehow infected by evil. He trained Tenshinhan and Chaozu and taught them techniques such as Bukujutsu and Dodonpa. Tsuru Sennin is also Muten-Rôshi's rival and entered his students in the Tenkaichi Budokai to show his adversary his power and he also wanted both Tenshinhan and Chaozu to become killers. When Tenshinhan refused to kill Goku under his command, Tsuru Sennin ordered Chaozu to paralyze both of the combatants which Chaozu refused to do so the evil teacher threatened him before being blown away by Muten's Kamehameha. Tenshinhan and Chaozu would later leave the school after learning of Tsuru Sennin's evil intentions and decided to later train under other masters. Tsuru Sennin would later return in the next Tenkaichi Budokai to have his cyber brother Tao Pai Pai exact revenge on both Goku and Tenshinhan. After Tenshinhan defeats Tao Pai Pai, he tells Tsuru Sennin to take his brother and leave him alone.
He is voiced in the original Japanese version by Ichirō Nagai. In the dub he is voiced by Chuck Huber.

Van Zant

Van Zant is a human who first appears in the Majin Boo Saga. He is a deranged gunman who enjoys killing innocent people. He shoots an old lady and then gets his friend Smitty to shoot her husband (this scene is only shown in the uncut). After killing many innocents, he decided to go to Boo's house to try and kill him so he could kill more people. Van Zant shoots Biru, Fat Boo's puppy dog, proving how heartless he is. Then he and Smitty shoot at Boo, hoping it would kill him. Mr. Satan then beats up Van Zant, who later returns for revenge and shoots Mr. Satan. Though both Biru and Mr. Satan survive, Boo gets angry, causing Evil Boo to appear from the steam coming out of his head. The first thing Evil Boo does is blast Van Zant into nothingness.
His Funimation voice was supplied by Bart Myer and in the Ocean dub it was supplied by Don Brown.


Smitty is a human gunman who appears for a few episodes of the Majin Boo Saga. He hangs around with the madman Van Zant. In the uncut, a scene is shown where Van Zant gets Smitty to shoot an old man. Smitty hesitates to kill him, but after he does he finds it fun to kill people. After killing many innocents, they attacked Boo and angered the Majin. Mr. Satan beat them up, knocking Smitty off the edge of the hill before pummeling Van Zant.
Smitty watched the battle between Fat Boo and Evil Boo, his tall thin gray counterpart, but when Evil Boo ate Fat Boo and turned into Super Boo, he noticed Smitty, who desperately tried to run. Boo turned into liquid and went down Smitty's throat, making him expand until he exploded.
His voice is done by Joe Allen in the Funimation dub.

Dr. Uiro

(English dub: Dr. Wheelo)
Dr. Uiro (Dr.ウイロー, Dr. Uirō?) was a brilliant scientist who performed experiments in biotechnology. Uiro's ultimate goal was to modify the human race using his science. Before he could realize his goal he died but Dr. Cochin turned him into a cyborg. His name is a pun on uiro, a type of Japanese cake.
Dr. Cochin came through for his creator a second time fifty years later when he gathered the Dragon Balls and wished for Shenlong to thaw the ice-enshrouded fortress. Freed from his frozen sleep, Uiro became obsessed with finding the world's strongest man so that his own brain might be transplanted into it. He sent Cochin and four bio-warriors to find this man, and at first they thought it was Muten-Rôshi. But when Kishime, Misokatsun and Ebifurya beat Roshi, Uiro started to doubt they had the right person.
He then went after Goku's body. When Uiro's further attempts to subdue Goku met with failure, the enraged scientist decided to kill him and all his friends. When that also failed, Uiro decided to just concentrate the energy contained within his laboratory's power core and destroy the entire world. Goku was able to form a Genki Dama and used it to destroy Dr. Uiro for good.
His seiyu is Koji Nakata. He was voiced by Paul Dobson in the Ocean dub. In the Funimation dub he was voiced by R. Bruce Elliott.


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